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    Emerging Technology Conference Speaker - Stormy Peters, Head of Developer Engagement at Mozilla

    Stormy Peters - Head of Developer Engagement at Mozilla

    Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 08:45 to 09:45 AM Grand Ballroom

    One of the things about the open source community and web developers that continues to baffle those non-open source people is, why do you do it? People and companies work on open source software and open web applications for a number of reasons from scratching an itch to gaining a reputation to building a resume to contributing to a good cause. The interesting problem comes when money enters into the equation. Research shows that when someone works on something for free for internal rewards, those internal rewards are replaced if you start paying them. Then if you stop paying them, they will stop working on it. So when people get paid to work on open source software, does that change things? If their free web application starts making money, does that change things? How can companies work with these open processes and technologies in a productive way? Why are open technologies important to business?

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